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How to Stop Anxiety from Holding You Back

May 9, 2016

It’s much easier to tell a better story if you are living an amazing story. Tiisetso Maloma falls into that category because he is an entrepreneur many many times over. He’s worked in very diverse industries including but not limited to marketing and PR, photography, graphic design, web design, copy writing, public speaking, event organizing and a lot more. He is about to launch a brand new book which you can pre-order right now called The Anxious Entrepreneur: Anxiety Defeats Creativity and Creativity Defeats Anxiety.

I’m excited about introducing him because I think anxiety is a big dark underbelly of entrepreneurship. We will talk about using creativity and story-telling techniques to defeat the anxiety that may be holding you back, maybe crippling your business or if your business is successful sucking a lot of the joy out of your life.

What most people don’t know about Tiisetso: Most people think because he is on Facebook a lot that is he very sociable. He is but he is also more of an introvert. He needs time to himself to read, write and do other things that interest him. A lot of entrepreneurs are like that. He’s interested in a lot of things. He’s always been the kind of person who’s dabbled in more than one venture. That alone can cause high anxiety because when you’re running more than one business the risk of failure is multiplied.

Where does anxiety come from? As soon as you involve yourself in a number of ventures, that’s when the anxiety gates open up, so it’s a matter of keeping focus. This can mean anything from having Facebook and Twitter open while trying to write a blog post or trying to run two businesses at the same time. You don’t want to miss out on anything but you need to stay focused.

Defeat anxiety with creativity: Anxiety defeats production. When you are anxious you can’t be creative, when you’re creative you’re not anxious. Chop away anxiety by getting creative. Getting creative could mean going for a walk, going for a run or indulging in something you enjoy like writing or playing music.

What if I have a deadline? That’s about energy. When you don’t sleep well, you feel it in your body. Take care of yourself. Make sure you sleep enough hours and exercise as well. This will help you in dealing with a stressful situation like a deadline.

Geeta said she doesn’t think she struggles with anxiety as much as most entrepreneurs do, but she used to. The reason she’s gotten a handle on it is because she’s put in certain habits that are non-negotiable and fitness is one of them. People say they don’t have time. Geeta doesn’t have time either; she’s pregnant, has a young child and runs two businesses. She makes time.

Dealing with nighttime anxiety: Start off with the priority tasks. If you do all the priority tasks before noon for example, after that fewer things will affect you and anxiety won’t control you.

Also, get honest with yourself about your energy cycle. A lot of people ignore their energy cycle. We don’t pay attention to it, and we look to external signals. It’s a lot like letting your body tell you when you’re hungry or you’re full rather than just going by the clock.

• Tiisetso Maloma’s website is www.tiisetsomaloma.com

• You can try your first workout on www.liftsession.com for free using the promo code Geeta.

• I love hearing from you. I’m @lifewithgeeta on Twitter. If you want a peek into my personal life follow me on Instagram where my handle is Baby Got Booked. You can reach out to me via email or via my website contact form at geetanadkarni.com

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