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How Manifesting Really Works

September 29, 2015

My guest today is Nanci Murdock, my manifesting coach. Today’s episode is like no other we’ve ever done before. We’re going to be talking about really and truly getting everything you want from your life, your relationships, your business and of course your media. Nancy has her own course teaching women to invest and save millions in bank and financial advisor fees. She holds the highly respected designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). She’s also a marketing guru and the former head of marketing for BCA research. She’s also extra special because she has this totally wild tool in her tool kit that helps her make a ton of money in ways that defy logic.

Today we’re going to share true life stories that prove manifesting works. This is the story of a beach vacation, some air miles points, a pair of $1400 cowboy boots, a mini cooper that turned into a garden and more.

Three steps to manifesting:

1. You have to get over your beliefs. If you’re carrying negative beliefs and think “this isn’t possible” or “it’s just a coincidence”, then it’s just not going to work because your beliefs are going to overpower the fact that anything is possible.

2. Write your story out. Your money story is what you believe about money. Write more than 5 sentences but less than 50. Write one page about your history with money, work, success and abundance. If you’ve had a job loss, divorce or other problems, write how you feel about the financial circumstances surrounding these situations and then just put it aside. It’s just for you and nobody else. Then turn the page over and write about what you’re grateful for. You can be grateful for what you have without having to feel guilty for anything you aspire to have.

After you’ve done this give it a week and then go and look at your story again. See what kind of adjectives and adverbs you used. Look for words like get rid of, toxic, difficult, shame, awful. Those words show that you have a negative money story. Then go back and rewrite your story. A story is just something we tell ourselves about our history and it can be rewritten.

3. Focus on the detailed feelings of what it is that you want. Put yourself in that place of success and see it clearly. Once that’s done, let it go. End it by saying “this or something better”.

Don’t lose track of the why: You don’t want to get so focused on the goal that you lose track of the why behind the goal. The why is the important part. You might say you want this job but really you just want your father to be proud of you. You equated one outcome with another outcome. But those are actually two separate pieces that may or may not go together in real life. Nanci spent years wanting a mini cooper because she wanted the feeling of having something of her own to take care of and enjoy. Then she discovered her garden gave her those exact same feelings.

Pennies: Always pick up pennies on the street. The universe will give you exactly what you want and if you walk past money it will think you don’t want anymore.

Organize: Organize the money in your wallet, get rid of old receipts and take care of your checkbook. Show you care about money and are serious about this.

Pay Bills on Time: Be thankful for your bills because someone trusted you with credit. Why violate that trust?

If you have a manifesting story or something that you’re trying to manifest you can reach out to Nancy and send her an email and tell her the tip that helped you push the envelope on making your dreams come true.

Nanci is sharing a guided meditation to sharpen your manifesting skills. Get it here.

Twitter: @nancimurdock

Website: The Money Coach (primarily teaches investing, doesn’t talk a lot about manifesting)

Email: nanci@themoneycoach.com

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