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October 16, 2017

Public relations is about building relationships. Every business knows the importance of the bottom line, but it’s too easy to fall into the trap of focusing only in fortune and fame. They forget the most important part--connecting with real people...

The Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Pitch
October 9, 2017

Crowdfunding isn't always as easy as you think. Want to know how you can make a crowdfunding pitch that lands?...

October 2, 2017

When you incorporate good PR practices to your business, you develop better strategies in gaining customers and retaining them as well. Sure, you may not know everything all at once, but armed with knowledge, you can take baby steps to your goal....

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Email Pitch
September 25, 2017

What if you could peer inside a journalist’s head? What if someone taught you how to think like a journalist? Here we provide a glimpse....

5 Ways to Handle Press Anxiety
September 18, 2017

Yes, it requires elbow grease, but D.I.Y. public relations isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it. If you’re hesitant to try, how do you overcome your fear?...

3 Reasons Why PR is the Best Investment You'll Ever Make
September 15, 2017

If you think learning PR is too expensive, reality is it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss....