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Baby Got Booked is more than a course. It’s a community… and a movement. You see, it’s hard to spend your life as a journalist for almost three decades, covering some of the most interesting and inspiring stories in the world and then come home and live an ordinary life.

So, here’s what it’s like to work with us:
Creativity is addictive (and we’re hooked).
Innovation is our promise to you. We share wins and lessons from within our own business as we grow so you can too.
Integrity is sexy. And story-worthy.
Fun is our favourite F-Word.
We practice what we preach. Actual proven tactics and strategies. Not guesswork.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Her tips got me booked within 3 weeks of starting her course. I literally used one of her Twitter tips to get international press in The Guardian! Plus several business blogs. And now, I’ve landed national coverage with a big television network. Do the work and you’ll be saying “Baby Got Booked!” too! Don’t settle for just local everyone! The tools in this program can get you whatever you want!”

Sarah Petty
Founder, Joy of Marketing

“Baby Got Booked help me get on BT MONTREAL. The way I approach and present to my clients has been modified for the better directly due to Geeta’s techniques and advice. I’m on course for a record smashing year regarding production and sales.”

Michael Martella
Financial Securities Advisor, Private Client Group

“I followed Geeta’s step-by-step instructions on how to craft an inviting media-worthy pitch. She is such an incredible teacher and you can tell she really wants you to succeed. I am so very excited and proud to announce that (on my first try!) I am now a contributor at the Huffington Post. Baby Got Booked!”

Nanci Murdock
CFA, Founder, The Money

Even though I’ve been a writer for online and offline publications for years (and thought I knew every insider secret, tactic and trick to getting free publicity), Geeta’s training hit me with so many great ideas and strategies that by the end, my mind was in overdrive. When I win my Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award for “Most Appearances By an Expert on Morning Television,” Geeta will be the first person I thank.”

Eric Rogel
Author, The Art of War for Dating

“Geeta is pulling us 40-year-olds into the 21st century. She is smart, innovative and she has a way of seeing opportunity for you within your business that goes way beyond just social media.”

Stephanie Garrow
Strategic Clarity Coach, Garrow Evoy

“Geeta is the REAL deal when it comes to getting you booked in the media! The first time we worked together Geeta got me a FULL page in the business section of the Montreal Gazette with not 1 but 2 stories on both my book and art prints.That business page resulted in numerous speaking engagements and clients calling in wanting to work with me!”

Vanessa Simpkins
Best Selling Author & Speaker

“Learning from Geeta Nadkarni is such a delight. She’s refreshingly honest and direct. Her Baby Got Booked course has opened my eyes to a world of opportunity in the media. With the amazing course content and supportive Facebook group, I’ve learned how to get booked and I’ve been booked. How else could I have successfully sold my company within 12 months of launching it?”

Lauren O. Victoria
Founder of Aloha Crate, PR/Marketing Consultant at Sandwich Isles Realty

“You think getting featured in the top publications is difficult. That is until you meet Geeta and you understand that it’s not how “popular” you are. Rather, it’s how to reveal your unfair advantage to those who need it. Baby Got Booked, Geeta Nadkarni’s program is just brilliant . I would be surprised if you don’t make 100x ROI in the first 12 months. You simply can’t “buy” the results this level of media brings. I’m glad to have her in my corner.

Scott Olford
Captain of the ship at Infinitus

“Just a few tweaks to her pitch-perfect templates and I landed myself a 5-minute slot on City TV’s “Dinner Television” I can still feel the afterglow. But not only because this appearance translated into approximately $50,000 worth of free press. It’s because Geeta shared with me the “ninja tricks” I needed to deliver massive value (in a super-tight time frame) “

Craig Dave
HuffPo blogger, copywriter, speaker

“Geeta Nadkarni’s Baby Got Booked course is such a blessing to those of us on the receiving end of all those press releases. Her ideas are original in that they are practical to the working journalist who is seeking content. Use her formula and you’ll be making my life and my producer’s life easier!”

Reed Cowan
Emmy Award-winning journalist and NBC Anchor

“The advice and support from BGB was super-practical and helped me communicate more effectively with journalists. The media exposure has been a key factor in opening doors of professional opportunity. Thanks so much, Geeta – you rock!”

Shakil Choudhury
Speaker and Author, ``Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs Them``

“Geeta is a very dynamic, engaging speaker, and easily holds the attention of her audience through sharing interesting and relevant facts, stories and examples. She’s very open and willing to share her extensive knowledge about how to get booked in the media.”

Suzannah Baum
Presentation Skills Strategist / Executive Speech Coach

“I’m always on the lookout for better ways to do my own PR. It wasn’t until a friend introduced me to Geeta did I learn anything new. This woman not only knows her stuff, but she also wants you to succeed on your own. Drop your PR firm, sign up for Geeta’s course and start getting known.”

Owen Marcus
Founder and CEO at Free to Win

“Geeta Nadkarni has an energy that makes you connect with her instantly. She is wise, full of information, and has a great sense of humor. She shows you the possibilities for your business and life if you are willing and able to reach beyond your limits and think BIG!”

Joanne Giacomini
Writer, Blogger, Editor and Speaker, Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child

“Geeta has a proven system for launching entrepreneurs in front of audiences across the globe. She is not only genius, but comes from the heart and genuinely wants you to succeed. If you are serious about getting your message out to the public, trust Geeta. She will take care of you.”

Wendy Lee Baldwin
Certified Life and Wellness Coach, Professional Keynote Speaker and Author

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